Organic? What about Micro-organic?

Heavily promoted “organic” concepts have been around for years now. Not many of us realise the closest ones to us are microorganisms nor not many of us understood their behaviours, lifestyles and needs (physiology). Years of observation and experiment with micro-organism had brought me some interesting insights about their world (in a way co-exist with ours).

Many artists have been fascinated by geometric drawings and unique spatial arrangement, similarly, the morphologies of microorganisms are just as amazingly complex, mysterious, functional and ubiquitous.

Rod, cocos, spiral, non-spiral,  stained, non-stained, illuminated and magnified under the microscope,  gives a vital image of their living. To set off this series of bacteria paintings, I created the “Ebola” and “Bacteria Cocktail”. Characterised by contrast and movement, the paintings present the “presence”, the “culture” and the “survival” of micro-organisms.

Extremophiles are the most unbelievable ones of the bunch, merely surviving in the maybe darkest, coldest and deepest ocean maybe in a hot steam or the sandy dessert. Some of them have a secret mechanism to survive. The mechanism could involve many elements in nature, all put together collaboratively to perform a certain magical trick to open up possibilities, unknown to many of us yet keeping the host alive. Opportunist as we all are, once exposed with the suitable environment, they thrive and likely cause a wild concern.

Micro-organisms are not to be underestimated, but to be magnified and looked into.

照片 1
“Ebola” Acrylic on Board 30*40cm 2014 J.Lu
照片 1
“Bacteria Cocktail” Mixed Medium on Canvas 24*30 inches 2014 J.Lu

Recent projects!

Having completed some pre-determined challenging projects, such as traveling through almost 20 countries in the last 6 months, meeting up with my family again after a long time of separation and etc , finally, I came to point when I have time for utilising all the inspiration and all the ideas I have been cultivating.

照片 3
Native indian house, Vancouver Island, Canada 2014. Oil on canvas 30*40 cm

Inspired by the beautiful landscape in Vancouver Island, and that is winter in Victoria. Colourful wooden houses made by the native indians were embedded in massive water and tall green trees, it was truly an amazingly spiritual place. It happened to be sunny on that particular day, I could almost see through water and reach the bottom.While the typical winter image of Canada is usually wild and vast, villages and towns spread-out in a variety of nature-forest, ocean, long rivers; campus covered with maple leaves from the burnt autumn, however, this is created to give a sneak peak on the cozy and calm.

照片 2
Midnight, A’dam 2014. Oil on canvas 30*40 cm

This most recent attempt depicts a stylised figure in the dark before the dutch houses. Personally attracted by architecture, especially the residences across cultures, this painting is created with some european appeal. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, it is fun, libreal, dynamic and a bit crazy. the un-leveling houses on the canal are undoubtedly picturesque. Taking a walk through the city during midnight, when the buzz is gone and lights are on, sometimes, we can hear the party-ers still going strong. Theatrically dressed up, she expressed desires, anticipations and confusions in this foreign city. Enjoying the taste of  tender wind, she strokes through A’dam. Midnight is her favourite time.


Inspired writing: “Impact of Traveling on life”

Having been a traveling enthusiast in the recent years, I have grown and learned a lot through traveling. Today I read an article my friend wrote about travelling and relationship, I am inspired to write about my personal gains from traveling.

I have only begun to travel in the last 3 years. It started only since I left home for graduate school. Enjoying the convenience of being in Europe motivated me and my friends to start exploring the vicinity. Now, a little more than 3 years has passed, as I look back, I have to say that traveling has massively change the way I live and view the world, which I think that any traveler would agree with me on this.


1, Traveling is a great way to discover the world

This is a sort of a given. I get inspiration about new places to visit all the time from travel communities. Learning about a place from a book or TV is never as effective or impactful than learning it from friends, or visiting the place personally. I totally enjoy every bit and pieces that I have to do to prepare for a trip. Learning about the weather, historical landmarks, ethnic food to try and etc. It got me so excited for a trip.

However, there is always more to it. It is also a learning experience that is full of small surprises. I had countless conversations with people I met on street, in bars, in hostels. I am a big fan of traveling alone and letting things happen to me. The uncertainties are also the possibilities. Many times have I met great local people who kindly walk me through places and introduce their local life to me. Making friends where I go and stay connected has become the new wave in my life.

Not only that traveling enables me to discover the “physical world”, but also that it influences the way I see the world. I can’t recommend more to put yourself out there and start meeting people. These beautiful experiences made me stronger, feeling more secured about myself and feeling more safe and comfortable with new people. It opens up a new world to me. That world is based on mutual interests and understanding, temporary companionship yet lasting memories.


2, Traveling can inspire me on a different state of being. 

This was told to me by a friend I met during one of my trips. “Traveling inspires a different state of being.” I found it profoundly said and ever since then I kept it in mind. Again, this has great deal to do with meeting people from very different culture and geographical regions. Seeing what they like and trying the unusual broadens my horizons. The best thing is, it seems to happen in a chain-reaction fashion. For example, I once ended up in a Belgium farm house by total randomness, They offered me some totally healthy vegan dish and we had great fun although none of us totally verbally understand each other (french/dutch speaking lovely couple).  Now it has grown on me it that now, not only that I know what it is, I would actually go out and search for more things similar. I started to notice it more and now it has become part of my life and ME. I believe for every traveler, there are tons of stories as such, and many more things we picked up accidentally in a trip and stayed in our life FOREVER.

It has also a lot to do with taking in the unexpected and enjoy random things that comes at you. For many things in life, attitude makes all the difference. Through traveling, I came to realise that being able to adapt to “change-of-plan” and positively taking the circumstances can allow me to make the best out of life. This is an great attitude to have and learn because life isn’t always the way we plan it. Having this attitude, we will always stay hopeful and positive in life.

“Things will work out”

There is more to it than positivity. I used to think of life and relationship in a permanent and repetitive terms, as many of you had addressed the opposite. I used to think of happiness as in future tense.

“I will be enjoying my life once I get the degree or a job, or a boyfriend etc. and I will then stay happy.”

Suggested by fairytale, we will stay live happy ever after, after we have the life we want. somehow I have learned that the nature of life always brings more and more problems to solve.

I tend to be drowning in the momentary worries and nervous expectations. Yet, if we look around, there are really a lot of things we should be thankful for. Through traveling, since it is clear that this is going to end. One day, two days, one trip to this place and things will move on without my awareness. It is important to realise that the opportunity of being at a certain place, in a certain environment, with certain people will end, for sure. whether it was what we want “ultimately”, it is what we have now. And we better enjoy it, feel it, capture it.


“Don’t let go, cuz I’m only here for a moment.” 

life moves on. We should make the best out of every moment which becomes the memories we can always re-visit.


3, Traveling is a project management, very rewarding.

As much as I love spontaneity, I also think of planning a trip as a project. There are many aspects of it to me, such as finance and time management. There are also may skills to acquire, such as communications, orientations and copping with the unexpected as mentioned. there are no shortage of problems throughout a trip. Total self-reliance on the move in different strange places can be a real challenge.

I have learned many survival skills due to missing flights, finding a place to stay, where and how to seek help.


“what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” 

Step by step, travelling has taught me how to stay calm and focus on solving problems. And since making a trip happens and completing it is such a challenge, it is very rewarding. It shown me what is possible and I had learn to overcome so many problem, therefore, I can also overcome other problem.It kept me consistently confident in my ability to cope. I found that I have more faith in myself and more will power. And traveling Alone really allow me to believe in myself, my judgement and my personal strength.

All in all, there are many things to gain from traveling.  It reminded me how beautiful and diverse the world is. Traveling is one of the greatest hobbies.

Talking about it already get me excited about visiting new places. I would like to know how big of a travel you guys are and how traveling has changed you. Leave a comment and let me know!!!!! have a nice day!